Switching.social feedback requested 💬

The site currently has two contents pages:

-Current default (roughly in order of relevance to non-tech people)

-Alphabetical order

Is the front page ok as is, with current list and link to alphabetical list?

Or should the alphabetical list be the default on the front page?

(If your instance doesn't support polls, post a reply.)

@switchingsocial Hi there, do you know any alternative to screamingfrog.co.uk/seo-spider. I well studied Linkchecker and record a video explaining how to use it peertube.floss-marketing-schoo it is powerful but it is just about the links, not the content of the pages. I am looking for a way to extract data such as title tags, meta description, h1, h2... in order to record a full tutorial about this alternative. BTW, thank you for your work.

Ever wondered what life would be like without Google?

Wonder no more because it's possible 💪

Here's a list of privacy-friendly alternatives that don't track you: nomoregoogle.com/

Hop ! @Framasoft - avec +1000 autres personnes - est au Camp Climat pour la semaine : campclimat.eu/ 🌍🌡️

Just released a video tutorial about how to insert variables within @phpList (also called placeholders) in order to make your emails more customized. A simple but effecient video peertube.floss-marketing-schoo

Create a custom subscription page in phpList and keep your subscribers on your website, saving them time and clicks. Here is a detailed step-by-step video by @ronan


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