Understood what cron are in GNU/Linux. So here is a video showing a simple and practical example about it and how you can fetch the price of bitcoin every minute peertube.floss-marketing-schoo

One way to inject the @Matomo code on pages you don't have access to in order to show your clients how their data will look like. The example with Greasemonkey. Thanks @lukas for the help. peertube.floss-marketing-schoo

@switchingsocial@mastodon.at Hi there, do you know any alternative to screamingfrog.co.uk/seo-spider. I well studied Linkchecker and record a video explaining how to use it peertube.floss-marketing-schoo it is powerful but it is just about the links, not the content of the pages. I am looking for a way to extract data such as title tags, meta description, h1, h2... in order to record a full tutorial about this alternative. BTW, thank you for your work.

Ever wondered what life would be like without Google?

Wonder no more because it's possible 💪

Here's a list of privacy-friendly alternatives that don't track you: nomoregoogle.com/

Hop ! @Framasoft - avec +1000 autres personnes - est au Camp Climat pour la semaine : campclimat.eu/ 🌍🌡️

Just released a video tutorial about how to insert variables within @phpList (also called placeholders) in order to make your emails more customized. A simple but effecient video peertube.floss-marketing-schoo

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